What clothes should my child wear?

From Grade1 girls should wear a black leotard with seperate black skirt, and pink ballet tights. Shoes should be pink fabric 'split sole' type.


What clothes should I wear for adult ballet? 

You should just wear something you are comfortable in such as leggings and a t-shirt. You can wear any type of ballet shoe that you have, but I would recomend a split sole fabric type. If you are coming for your first class and dont have shoes you can just wear socks.


Where can I buy ballet clothing?

We normally recomend either online shop or DanceAndPartyCrazy shop in St John's Street near to the studio.


I am new to ballet, can I join the Adult Ballet classes?

We have ladies with many different abilities and all ages in our adult ballet classes. Some have done ballet before, some are complete beginners. Some have danced other styles at sometime in thier lives. As long as you are physically fit, able to stretch and undertake moderate physical exercise we can adjust the class to your ability.



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