COVID-19 Precautions

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  • DO NOT come to the centre if your child or a member of your houshold is showing symptoms, or if you have returned from a country with quarantine restrictions.
  • Your child should arrive for classes already dressed in their basic ballet kit and ballet shoes They should have one bag with them to carry a water bottle and essential medication. They must not bring any outdoor coats, shoes or toys. 
  • We will operate a 10 minute window between classes to allow for cleaning and distancing. You will not be allowed into the hall until cleaning has finished
  • Please arrive in plenty of time and wait OUTSIDE of the centre, maintaining social distancing, until called in by the teacher. Only students will be allowed into the centre, please do not acompany your child into the centre.
  • Please read the one way circulation rules within the centre, which are shown below and also displayed around the centre.
  • Please maintain a 2 metre distance where possible. When using the ballet barre students will be required to stay within the designated marks to maintain social distancing.
  • All classes must be paid for in advance - DO NOT bring cash to the studio.
  • Students over the age of 11 must wear masks when entering and leaving the main hall. 
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided which must be used on entering and leaving the centre.
  • Please make sure your child uses the toilet before arriving at the centre. Students will only be allowed to use the centre's toilets one at a time.

For Baby Ballet we have extra precautions

  • Spaces are very limited so we can only have a maximum of 6 children in a class
  • Children must be accompanied by one parent only
  • Parents must wear a face mask
  • Please do not bring any siblings to watch


Please ensure that your child understands the above precautions.


COVID-19 Precautions

By attending any class at the centre you are confirming the following:


  • No member of your household has experienced any of the following symptoms relating to Coronavirus (COVID19) in the past 14 days: cough, shortness of breath, high temperature 

  • No member of your household has travelled outside the UK in the two weeks from a country not on the government approved list.
  • No member of your household has knowingly come into contact with someone displaying the symptoms of the virus or someone who has been confirmed as  a carrier. 

  • No member of your household travelled and stayed in an area in the UK which is still in Lockdown in the past 2 weeks 
  • You agree that you and your child will follow the COVID-19 precaustions stated above


If you cannot confirm any of the above questions, please contact Nataliya before you bring your child to class.

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